Our Software makes a Difference picture

Our software is what sets us apart from any other security company. SKRAN Security Site Management Software is easy to use, accurate and professional…

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Benefits of Hiring Security Guards To Protect Your Business picture

1. They Help Deter Crimes at a Workplace

A professional security guard will protect your facility. They do this by mitigating risks including vandalis…

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Attributes of a Great Security Guard picture

Whether he works at a mall or office building, a security guard has a very important job to do. He has the responsibility of being vigilant and prote…

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The Importance of Security Uniform picture

Companies seeking to hire security guards often fail to ask prospective security guard companies about the uniforms their guards wear while on duty. …

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5 Reasons Why Every Home Owner Should Install CCTV picture

5 Reasons Why Every Home Owner Should Install CCTV.

It’s not uncommon to see CCTV cameras situated on every corner of every building in commercial are…

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CCTV Legal Requirements picture

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is used for improving security, and preventing and detecting crime through monitoring and surveillance. The Data Pro…

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