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Perimeter Security Infrared Beams

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Perimeter Beam Protection

A perimeter security alarm system is one that is set up around the perimeter and entryways of your property.

It's a great way of adding an extra layer of defence to protect your home, garden, and driveway, and it serves as a first line of defence that can prevent intruders from entering your home or place of business.

For business and industrial purposes, a perimeter system is ideal for parking areas, construction sites, roof access points, vacant land, farms, and storage buildings, and industrial or other compounds where securing the boundaries of the property is just as important as securing the buildings.

Just imagine how valuable it would be if you where notified the moment trespassers enter your property.

How they work:

Perimeter beam defences combine infra red perimeter beams and boundary alarms to create an alert system that triggers when a perimeter beam is broken or crossed.

Involves the use of wireless transmission devices and receivers which are set up around the boundary of the property. Each transmission and receiver pair is capable of projecting an infra red beam of up to 100 meters long; with devices placed at intervals around the perimeter, an infra red boundary is created.

The boundary itself is invisible, but when crossed or broken, it triggers an audible alarm or siren, and notification call or message to a landline or mobile phone.

Beams can be up to 100 meters long. The receivers trigger alarms, which you have control over the volume or it can be programmed to call your mobile allowing you to act in time to prevent crime. This system works perfect along side CCTV security systems allowing you to view remotely when an intrusion has been triggered.

Features and Benefits of Perimeter Beam Defence Systems:

• Infra red transmission and receiver devices are powered by Batteries with a life time up to 5 years, or hard wired to the

panel so your perimeter alarm system continues to function even during a power outage.

• Infra red defence systems are calibrated to prevent animals from triggering alarms, and are not sensitive to changes in temperature

• Provides a lower rate of false alarms than most perimeter defence systems.

• Wireless transmission range of up to 900 meters allows protection of a large area.

• Trigger an audible siren instantly, and/or receive a phone alert within seconds of your property boundary being crossed.

• An ideal accompaniment to a closed circuit TV security system, giving you the ability to remotely view your property when an alarm has been triggered.

Dogs, cats and other animals etc

The first question that most people ask, when considering this system, is what if stray animals decide to cross the beams. The Infra red beam system is designed in such a way to stop animals from tripping the alarm. Dogs, cats, and other animals that could cause false alarms on other external systems, will not affect the system due to the twin infra red beams.

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